Monday, 30 July 2012

Why we do Furnace Inspection ???

Why we do Furnace Inspection ???

Inspection is necessarily crucial to make furnace work safe and run efficiently without any hold ups.
Summers wont bother you to repair and inspect the furnace as the furnace is not needed for long but it is the best time to get it checked to avoid the hotfoot of winter as its the slow season for the contractors, this provides you the opportunity to look for the best in the market as the time span between the summers to end and winter to start is big rather than waiting for the contractor in the line for hanker.
It will certainly consume less time with lesser money with more efficiency. it also gains with satisfaction that the furnace is ready for any sudden weather changes. precaution before time is always advantageous and keeps you updated.
the very first step to check your furnace is whether the carbon monoxide detector is working in the right way. In case you do not have the detector, install it anyway as fuel burned produces carbon monoxide which is really poisonous and should be thrown out with an exhaust system to prevent any unhealthy activity as the gas is transparent and may harm without any warning.
The second step is to clear the surroundings and keep it away from any air blocking things such as furniture and clothes. check the chimneys and appliance vent system to verify there is no blockage, if you find any blockage remove it instantly.

Third step is to check for black soot around the furnace , if its black then put off the furnace and get it checked thoroughly.
The next step is to change the filters after every 3 months else it may harm the furnace real bad. you should check the leakages as well, the air leaking from the furnace may intrude in efficiency. you can simply check it by running your hands slowly on the surface to feel the air escaping or going in the furnace. in case there is any leakage use duct-work approved foil paper to seal it . for avoiding any further leakage just simply cover all the joints with that foil and the pipes attached to the furnace should also be checked for the leakages and try to repair. consider checking gas pilot safety . Adjust the thermostat according to the usage.
it is beneficial to get it checked to avoid any carbon monoxide leakage and protect the furnace in every way possible. it lowers the bacteria and dust getting in the furnace and surroundings and also helps to avoid any sudden breakdowns being fully maintained. its not only environmental friendly but also saves your money as per maintained which increases its life span making it durable. it prevents breaking down and smooth running without costing much and most importantly it minimizes the monthly heating bills.

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