Thursday, 18 April 2013

results of poor indoor air quality at home:

• Damages to your health causing sniffles and dust specks in

 your gulp of air.

• It origins Asthma and Immunology.

• Bad air restrains contaminants like Pollen, dirt, Mold, 

Bacteria, Pet Dander, Dust mites and viruses.

• Odors and chemical vapors cause headache.

• Too much Humidity grows bacteria, mold and mildew. Air 

feels sticky, moist and warmer than the actual temperature.

• Too little humidity can cause dehydrated skin, stinging 

throats and augment the risk of contagions and respiratory

 ailments. Air feels chilly and prickly with too much of static 

electricity. Dry air can cause paint to come off and wallpaper 

to peel.

• Dampness damages the household items.

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